• Wed24February 2016
  • Poetry in Moments With Sony Mobile

    It may surprise you that I’ve always loved poetry and creative writing. But just to confirm, here is a poem by my six-year-old self:

    A masterpiece by Rebecca Bryant, aged 6

    A masterpiece by Rebecca Bryant, aged 6

    Some 25 or so years later, I’m happy to say that not much has changed. I still (when fully functional) love to ride my bike every day and the less said about my artistic talents, the better. Poetry, creative writing, appreciating art, literature and dance, it’s always been an interest of mine alongside fitness and health.  After all, I’m a bit of a dreamer. Which is reason 1024 why I love to run. Running allows me to escape some sort of reality for a bit and capture moments that will never be repeated. This brings me to the recent Sony Mobile #PoetryInMoments campaign which touched on the same chord.

    Spearheaded by British Olympians, Alistair and Jonny, the Brownlee brothers, Sony Mobile joined forces with The Poetry Society to ask Sony Xperia handset users and fitness buffs (like me I guess) to take a snapshot on their smartphone and share, with the hope of getting the creative juices flowing of a team of poets. A short and concise poem would then be written in response to the picture and shared across social media platforms. I love the idea of being creative around activity and so do a lot of other people it seems as the video below shows:

    I was asked to share an image that I thought would fit the bill. Needless to say, my poem of 25 years ago didn’t really come up to scratch. Instead, I sent a beautiful image of a sunrise captured on my run while running around the one of my favourite places in London – Regent’s Park. And here is the result:

    Running is poetry in moments

    Running is poetry in moments

    And this is the poem in its entirety to go with the image above:

    An early peace in the city park,
    the sky all blazed pinks and faded greys.
    The silence of this hour alone, and you alone in the hour—
    this is your spur for a new and pristine day.

    I think it pretty much sums up my thoughts and feelings on a morning run and I can’t wait to explore those hours of the lark once again.

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