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  • Race day is looming for the Dynamo Mum

    On 13 July 2014, I will be running Race For Life 5k with my mum in Maidstone, Kent. The Dynamo Mum will be running her first ever 5k race. Who knows? She may even catch the running bug.  I really hope she does as I love the idea of TEAM DYNAMO.

    Now I know she’s been training hard as I keep in regular contact via email, Whatsapp and even Facebook but in the run-up to the race I asked her a couple of questions to find out how she is feeling and see if she has any tips for beginner runners.

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    What are you most looking forward to?

    The finish line!

    How is the Training going? Any Tips?

    The six week running plan from Race For Life gives a good basis to build up to a 5k run. I ran and exercised for the allocated times each week. This final week my PT suggested we do a 5k run, he said my pace was around a 10-minute mile. The tips he gave me were:

    1. Look up and stop leaning forward, straighten up so breathing is more efficient.

    2. Take longer strides.

    3. Rest injuries- I tripped up running up the escalator at Leicester Square tube two weeks ago and injured my knee. The doctor said rest for a week –the swelling and pain are just subsiding now.

    What are you scared of?

    I’ve been training in open spaces and clear paths with few people around, so crowding is a worry. I’m not sure how easy it is going to be running with hundreds of people. I’m frightened that I might fall over and injure myself (not with me around mum, I’ll protect you).

    I’m scared that I won’t be able to run 5k.

    It is  really important to me, as I get older (Mum is in her 60s), that I am not losing my physical faculties.

    What are you aiming for?

    Five kilometres in 30 minutes, that’s about a 10 minute mile. This is my first ever run, so it is important that I finish the race and I’m sure the crowd will spur me on.

    Why does running the Race For Life mean so much to you?

    I have lost and still have family and friends battling with cancer, so hope to offer a small contribution. My discipline is chemistry (Mum was an analytical chemist and is a brainbox with a Masters in Analytical Chemistry who passed with Distinction and came top in her class. What’s more, she studied for this qualification in her 40s with a young family after being made redundant. And yes, I admire her massively.) and I recognise the importance of research .

    It will also be quite wonderful to run part of the way with my daughter. She said that she will run the race, then come back for me. She is an incredible marathon runner (with times around 3hrs 30min) and such a source of inspiration and encouragement.

    GO MUM, I’ll be there at the Dynamo Mum’s side to help her reach her goal of a 5k in 30 minutes.

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