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  • Race For Life – the Dynamo Mum

    On 12 July, I will be running a 5k Race For Life alongside my mum aka the Dynamo Mum.  In fact, this will be the first 5k that my mum has ever signed up for and I know she’s going to do brilliantly. Let’s just put it this way – I inherited my competitive spirit from somewhere and it is definitely not the old man.

    Instead of bleating on about how wonderful this woman is (and believe me, mum is a brainbox and a force to be reckoned with), I’ve handed over this post for her to say a few words about her motivation, training and why at over 60, she proves you’re never too old to start running.

    First things first, meet my mum Kate.

    The Dynamo Mum

    Mum cycling in LA earlier this year, just like you do

    Tell me a bit about yourself:

    I’m an active 60 plus lady, with a post-career as an Analytical Chemist and two grown-up children. Alongside training with a Personal Trainer for some seven years now (Phil at META Personal Training in Chatham, Kent), I walk in Kent with the Ramblers and in the Italian Dolomites with Club Alpino Italiano. I also regularly practise Yoga and Pilates plus I volunteer with the National Trust.

    Why are you running Race For Life?

    My PT and kids have been nagging me to set some new goals so thought I’d better try this one before it’s too late. I have lost and still have family and friends battling with cancer, so I hope to offer a small contribution.

    What experience of running do you have?

    Most recently I have done interval running with PT and at his Bootcamp. I used to take children to running club and they have never stopped training. I have supported my daughter for years at numerous running events, cross-country and marathons, including Paris, South Downs, London Parks Ultra 50k and Kent Roadrunner 2014.

    What has surprised you (or not) about training for the 5k?

    Well I’m not surprised that I’m finding it harder to ‘jog-run-sprint’, as each year goes by. I wish I could go a bit faster (don’t we all mum!), it was definitely easier two years ago. I am surprised at how running in open spaces makes me feel liberated and the feeling of achievement when I did actually jog non-stop for more than 20 minutes.

    Do you have any tips for running newbies?

    Try walking 5 miles or 10 miles with the Ramblers first. Build up to running gradually. I used street lampposts- run one walk one, to and from gym; then run two walk one –increasing the amount every few weeks. Try and time your distance. Remember to relax your shoulders, breath and think lip-to-hip with your thumbs when using your arms.  I aim to lengthen my strides and relax into it.

    What do you wear when out training?

    Sports bra, sports vest, running shorts; cap; sunglasses; trainers and socks. SPF 50

    Do you have any further running plans for after your 5k?

    Steady on-I would like to say yes, body willing, but one step at a time!

    Thanks mum! You never know, you may well catch the running bug…

    If you want to throw a bit of encouragement my mum’s way, you can sponsor her at http://www.justgiving.com/owner-email/pleasesponsor/katebryant


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