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  • Rev it up with Sweaty Speed Sessions


    Join us in our Sweaty Speed Sessions

    As Charlie of The Runner Beans explained in her post: “the only way to run faster, is to train faster.” So after a couple of months of planning, we (that’s Charlie and myself The Style Dynamo/ @SpeedyBecsRun) have decided to offer you lot the chance to speed it up on the race track at our Sweaty Speed sessions.

    Sweaty Speed sessions, you say?

    In partnership with the gorgeous Sweaty Betty team, we are offering runners of all levels the opportunity to work on their pace for free with our Sweaty Speed workouts.

    We all know how good HIIT training can be for our overall fitness, well, these sessions are designed specifically to help you reach your goal of a sub 25 minute 5k or sub 50 minute 10k as well as build up your ability to control your speed.

    Following a warm-up and a couple of games, you can chose between three sprinting distances. One leg on full pace, one leg off, then repeat. See, it’s not that daunting.

     How do I get involved?

    The Sweaty Speed sessions will take place at 6:30 every Wednesday from 31 July at the Regent’s Park track. Be there or be…well square.

    It’s pretty easy to find: head towards London Zoo from Baker Street towards Camden Town and you’ll see the running track on your right. I’ve highlighted the track on the map below. Image

    Do I need to be super-fit?

    You don’t have to be a lean, mean running machine but we’re not going to lie to you, a basic level of fitness is required. If you can say run one kilometre in 10 minutes then you should be ok.

    What should I bring?

    Please come dressed to impress in your favourite kit. Only joking – we really don’t care what you wear as long as you have a decent pair of running shoes. Supergas may be hip in East London but they won’t cut it on the racing track. If you do feel like upgrading your sportswear, we know that Sweaty Betty do a mean range of running clothing including these fabulous Mermaid Print Capris. To find out more, head to your nearest Sweaty Betty boutique.

    Please also bring a bottle of water. We haven’t named it Sweaty Speed sessions for no reason. And a stopwatch or piece of kit that you can use to time yourself.

    Charlie says she may bring brownies, which I’m definitely up for! And as for me, well I’ll be the one barking orders at you lot. Ha ha ha.


    We can’t promise you blue skies but much fun is guaranteed.

    I’m up for it, how do I sign up?
    You must be a Sweaty Betty member but it’s free to join and you can do it over the phone. You’ll also get an extra 10% off during their sales. Bonus. Please call the Soho store on 0207 287 5128 on Weds 31 July or previous day. Or pop along to the track. The more the merrier. And bring your friends too. Remember, a bit of friendly competition can help keep you motivated.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to ask here or on Twitter @SpeedyBecsRun.

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