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  • Run strong (and try to keep it up during the party season)

    Whether you’re heading away for the Christmas break or staying closer to home, one thing is for sure – it’s difficult to stay on top of the training. No matter how good your intentions and how much you tell yourself: “I’m only staying for one…just a tiny sip of that amazing Christmas pudding gin (yes, it does exist…and yes, it is amazing)…a Christmas cocktail won’t hurt…”, you know that once that guard has dropped and the merriment ensues, you’re going to fall down that slippery slope. And of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    Christmas Tree

    Christmas Tree

    Christmas is a time when you can let your hair down and parties can be an absolute riot. But how do you deal with the consequences of a tipple too many the day after and stay motivated during the Christmas season?

    I’m the first to admit that sometimes it’s not easy. You’re tired, you are probably burning the candle at both ends and the last thing you want to do is *jump* out of your warm cosy bed when it’s cold and dark outside. As I discovered last Friday, while running/shuffling to work after a heavy night out at my annual Christmas party, it can be a struggle.

    So here are two suggestions to keep you on the waggon physically during this period of revelry.

    A run a day aka Advent Running

    With only a week to go until the big day, you’re too late to join in with Advent Running (that’s to run every day from 1 December to Christmas Day) but that doesn’t stop you from aiming for a run a day.  If it’s a toss up when you’re feeling less than fresh between a hot stuffy tube and a cold blast of winter’s air to wake you up, I’d know what I’d choose. And I did. I may not have been the best customer in Tesco as I bought my Nurofen Express to try and numb the headache from hell on my runcommute to work but my body thanked me for it later.

    It doesn’t even have to be a run – admittedy, I’m on the crazy scale but do something active (by active I mean walk, cycle or move for at least half an hour) between now and Christmas then at least you’ve set yourself a goal.

    This year is the first time I could join in with Advent Running, and I’ve found it a real motivation – posting my daily runs on Instagram (@becsinter). I’ve also had to do a readjustment – switching my runs around to a morning or evening, depending on my schedule or even trying to get out at lunch (not easy at this time of year when you work in retail). I also loved using it as an excuse to explore Paris on our annual trip this year.

    Tracking your activity

    Admittedly, I’ve not always been the best when it comes to fitness trackers. I do own a couple, including a Garmin but the thought of having to recharge it and the size of the thing put me off wearing it or any other similar device. That was until I won a Misfit.

    It’ss not as high tech as some gadgets out there but the Misfit is really easy to use. Nifty, slimline, aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusive – it sits neatly on your wrist. Similarly to the Fitbit, your tracked activity data and sleep data is synced via Bluetooth to an app on your phone so you can see your progress against a daily target set at the beginning of your journey. But the best bit about the Misfit is you don’t need to recharge it and it’s waterproof so I don’t have to take it off and forget it’s there until I want to check my daily activity or I haven’t moved for an hour when it will buzz at me to stand up and walk about.

    The Misfit app also lets you enter in all your food data and syncs up with various other running apps but I use it to keep an eye on what I’m doing daily. Yes, I’m motivated throughout the year but the Misfit has stopped me from being complacent and continue to do 10,000+ (and most of the time 20,000+) steps a day.

    Stay motivated this festive season and have a good one.

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