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    Paris shop window

    Paris shop window

    Offering up to 70% off hot fashion items, it’s hard not to be tempted by the sales this year. But before you take the plunge and head to the stores, here are a few tips to take the urge out of your splurge.

    1. Does it fit?
    Yup, it’s a pretty obvious one but there’s no point in buying an item that is two sizes to small for you. You may be hoping to shift a few pounds by summer but by then you’ll be thinking more about bikinis than cashmere sweaters or whatever you’ve purchased.

    If you can’t parade and show off your goods now or at least try it on at home, then there’s really not much point. Come on, don’t kid yourself. Buy something that will fit and makes you look and feel good and it’ll boost your confidence. Trust me.

    2. Think in the long-term
    When it comes to designer bargains, think classic rather than avant-garde.

    I remember a few years ago, a friend on a fashion course got her hands on a Barbour Liddlesdale jacket for something like £10 from Harrods. I bet she has dug this little treasure out year after year.

    Another friend bagged herself a piece of Vivienne Westwood arm candy in the Liberty sale a few years ago and when we are out on the town her ‘Vivienne’ is never far from her side.

    We may not all be able to find a Barbour bargain but if you are tempted by designer goods, find a piece you’ll want to show off (see my New Year, New Boots post).

    3. The staples
    Cashmere jumper? Check. LBD? Check. Jeans that fit? Hmm. Before you head to the sales, think about the staples that are missing from your wardrobe.

    This time of year is brilliant for stocking up on tailored trousers, high-quality knits, finding a few pieces for work and maybe the odd party dress or two.

    You don’t have to go out the door with a complete agenda but think of it as a chance to build up your capsule wardrobe at a fraction of the normal price.

    4. Sign up to Shop It To Me
    Shop It To Me is a personalised sales shopping search engine that does all the hard work so you don’t have to. Simply enter in your criteria, including size, stores you like and your favourite designer brands, and Shop It To Me will trawl the web and send you a daily email with a summary of all the items on sale in selected stores in your size.

    Honestly, it is the easiest way to find some true designer bargains. Last year, I bought a pair of Acne jeans for less than £35 through shopittome!

    What are you waiting for, sign up to it today and do some sale shopping from your sofa.

    Do you have any tips you’d care to share about sales shopping with me?

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