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  • #SBFlyFlexFlow – get fit in three (and for free)

    Calling all yogis, runners and women who just want to get fitter, healthier and happier in 2015, the latest Sweaty Betty #getfit4free challenge may be just what you have been looking for. Let me introduce you to Fly Flex Flow.

    What is Fly Flex Flow?

    As the name suggests, this hour-long class is broken down into three different elements so you’re not only pushed to the max with explosive cardio, but those muscles you’ve forgotten about are given up a wake-up call and then a much-needed stretched . Honestly, it is pretty much an all-over body workout offering more balance for those of us who tend to focus on one particular area.

    Speedy session outside

    1. FLY in a speedy session

    Photo 08-01-2015 19 13 43

    2.  FLEX and condition

    Photo 08-01-2015 19 21 02

    3. FLOW with yoga

    Created by Sweaty Betty ambassadors – the lovely run coach Annie Foulds and yoga teacher Jo Arther, be prepared to hit the session hard for the first part with HIIT-style speedy sprint workouts. It certainly gets that heart-rate up. Once you’ve built up a sweat, you’re into the toning session, which uses light weights to target the flab and condition your body. Finally, you’re taken through a yoga routine to stretch out those muscles and release any areas of tension throughout the rest of the class.

    Aim to do the class three times a week while eating more healthily (Sweaty Betty has also hooked up with Honestly Healthy to offer nutritious and delicious meals throughout this challenge) to make the most out of this new #getfit4free campaign.

    I’m completely new to working out and nervous about working out, will I be made to feel welcome?

    Of course, and good for you for taking the leap. Remember #thisgirlscan take part in fitness and health activities. Fly Flex Flow is aimed at everybody and you work to your level. What’s more, you’ll be hanging out with the Sweaty Betty community, who are a friendly bunch.

    And for those who already workout, you will find this class beneficial because of the variety of activity. You may be able to run a marathon relatively fast but now try and touch your toes. Yep, the yoga bit will definitely help. Whether you’re a power-lifter or a die hard yogi, Fly Flex Flow will challenge you in some way, and when you’re challenged, you become stronger.

    How much does it cost?

    Nada, it won’t cost you a penny (which is awesome in “dry” January).

    How do I get involved?

    Classes run in-store from 22 January – 12 February, check out Sweaty Betty for more details on the classes in-store and further information about the challenge.

    Here’s a taster of what to expect:

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