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  • Show that you’re a Blog Hero at the UK Blog Awards 2017

    As someone who has been a part (sometimes peripheral but a part nonetheless) of the blogging scene for a decent few years, it’s refreshing to see that a category I’m passionate about is finally being represented at the UK Blog Awards. That’s right – all of us #hbloggers and #fitnessbloggers have the chance to show how we’re a Blog Hero at the UK Blog Awards.

    Blogger Chrissie King and Gemma Newton (UK Blog Awards Director) at the launch of the new Sports and Health category at Action PR, London

    Blogger Chrissie King and Gemma Newton (UK Blog Awards Director) at the launch of the new Sports and Health category at Action PR, London

    Why is this such good news?

    Well for the majority of us, blogging is an extension of who we are. While there are times when it’s a struggle to fit it all in, especially if you work full-time, look after a family and have various other commitments, the actual act of sitting down at your computer and tapping away on the keys to express your thoughts or share information with the wider world can be extremely cathartic. And if you suffer from shyness, it can be difficult to say what you really think and feel in large group situations. Writing and blogging allow you to bypass those fears without blushing uncontrollably and wanting the ground to completely swallow you up as you stumble over articulating your thoughts out loud.

    Sports and health have also exploded over the years, which is brilliant for those of us who are passionate about all aspects of this ever-evolving universe.

    It’s not what we do, it is who we are. And we love it.

    Whether you’re into running, climbing, crossfit, cycling, triathlon, boxing, paragliding or a devotee of paleo, veganism or just eating cake, you can find your fit in wide health and fitness blogging community. By sharing your experiences and writing about what you know and what you’re up to, you can find others with similar aspirations. It’s  almost (dare-I-say-it-without-sounding-pompous) an organic process.

    There are some health and fitness bloggers who have done well out of blogging, and all credit to them, they pave the way for others and show the power of being an influencer. Others may not be so focused on turning it into a business, using it as a way to track their process and even make themselves accountable for what they are doing. Whatever the reason, they equally deserve to be recognised, which is where the UK Blog Awards come in.

    So why not nominate yourself? I’m going to. Yes, it’s a bit of a popularity contest and you have to ask people to back you up in December but it’s worth trying.

    Go to www.blogawardsuk.co.uk/enter-your-ukba17-blog to enter your blog, then let me know below and I’ll support you. It’s one vote at least towards the shortlist.

    Let’s recognise what we’re doing and celebrate this amazing community.



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