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  • Feed Your Skin This Spring

    Don’t you just love this time of year? The sun is shining, the gardens are in full bloom and the air feels fresh and new. And hopefully after reading this sponsored beauty article put together for me, your skin will to.

    Springtime in England

    Springtime in England

    After the long, cold winter, things are hotting up at last. To celebrate the changing of the seasons, now’s the time to give your skincare regime an overhaul. By making some basic changes to your beauty routine, you can help ensure you look gorgeous for spring – and here are some tips to get you started.

    Out with the old…

    This point in the calendar presents the ideal opportunity to purge your skincare supplies. If your dresser is drowning in old, half-used beauty products, it’s time to take action and clear space for some new supplies. Bear in mind that the contents of your bottles, tubs and other containers will lose their effectiveness over time. They can also harbour bacteria, so it’s important to be ruthless and jettison any junk. When you’re doing this, look out for anything that appears crusty or dry, or that’s changed its consistency, smell or colour. It’s also worth binning dirty old make-up sponges and brushes.

    Stay safe with sun protection

    It’s also a good idea to step up your level of sun protection. As well as sunscreens, stock up on make-up and moisturisers that offer a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. Be extra careful if you’re going to be out and about between 11am and 3pm. Also, bear in mind that the sun can damage your skin even on cloudy days, so always protect your face and body no matter what the weather’s doing. Keep some sunscreen in your handbag too in case you need to reapply during the day. Meanwhile, for the safe approach to achieving that sun-kissed look, reach for self-tanning products. You can choose from a host of different brands and, as cosmetics supplier Direct Cosmetics points out, this can be an effective way to achieve that summer glow.

    Exfoliate for a fresher look and feel

    If the winter left your skin dry and flaky, plenty of exfoliation is a must. Spring is the ideal time to tackle dry patches and to ensure your skin looks radiant and smooth. Whether you’re sunbathing in a bikini or showing off your summer dresses, you’ll want to get that glowing look. As well as a good quality exfoliator and some exfoliating gloves, it’s worth getting a body brush. Simply use this to give your body a gentle dry brushing each morning before you step into the shower.

    Look for lighter moisturisers

    Another top tip is to change your moisturiser. In warmer weather, it’s best to switch to lighter creams. This is because higher temperatures tend to give people more oily skin, and so if you stick to your thick winter product, you risk giving your skin a greasy look and you might suffer breakouts too.

    By following simple skincare suggestions like these, you should be able to ensure you look your best this sunny season.

    How do you switch up your skincare routine? Let me know below.

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