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  • Speedflex: A Balanced Workout

    When it comes to working out, London is the queen of boutique studio options. But with so much on offer, what makes a class really stand out. For sure, the workout and instructors are important, the equipment needs to be top-notch and the changing facilities should make it easy to transform from sweaty mess to professional. So how does Speedflex, London – a studio that combines HIIT and resistance – stand up against the above criteria?



    What is Speedflex?  

    Speedflex uses a combination of weight machines and HIIT-style exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. Each 45-minute studio class is small and led by a PT so you get that care and attention you need to push you harder and work your body in the best possible way. Granted, it does sound pretty standard so far but the real difference with Speedflex is the machines used throughout the workout.

    Forget a necessary evil

    If you’re not a huge fan of weight machines in the gym, then Speedflex may be for you. Unlike the gym where you pile on the load, the machines work using hydraulics. This means they respond to your force and your force alone, meaning they’re safer and easier to use. And because they only work on your muscles as they shorten, you’re less likely to feel it afterwards. That’s not to say the workout isn’t doing the job, it’s just more effective. You’ll work on muscle tone, improve your power and speed while building bone density

    Speedflex for all levels

    It’s not just the machines that make Speedflex an accessible class for all. You are given a heart monitor that links up to results on a screen. Your stats (resting heart rate etc) are measured pre-class so you have an accurate picture of how hard to push yourself throughout the exercises. If you have been put off the gym by back pain, then Speedflex offers you an alternative to get the workout you need without risking injury or discomfort.

    What does a session look like?

    Of course, this all depends on your trainers at the time but the following gives you some idea. You start with a circuit of the machines just to get your heart rate up. You are then paired up and do sessions of say 4-minutes, with one person on the machine, while the other does a cardio-based exercise such as jumping squats, kettlebell swings etc…You then swap exercises with another pair while enjoying a short and calculated rest. It’s intense, enjoyable and the time flies by.

    Getting the balance right

    Speedflex is excellent on its own but it’s also a great complement to cardio-based activities such as cycling or running. You won’t suffer from muscle stiffness the day after, so you can carry on training.

    It’s a shame that there are only a few studios nationwide and it’s not cheap but still competitive, especially in London. And if you’re focusing on building a more responsive body, it’s worth adding to your hit list.

    For more information, go to https://speedflex.com

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