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  • Spin. Ride. Cycle. My 5 Favourite Classes on Two Wheels: Digme Fitness

    Once a fitness fanatic, always a fitness fanatic. Although I may not be able to run yet, I have been doing just about everything else including a hell of a lot of spin classes. So when a new spin studio in Richmond called Digme invited me in for a session, I thought why the hell not? Yes, it was completely out of my way (I live in East Finchley) and I decided to cycle there from work in Marylebone rather than do what any sane person would do and get the tube but boy it was worth it.

    Digme studios

    Digme studios

    And so with a hashtag #doyoudigme I could affectionately relate to being of the Craig David 1st generation, I can safely say that Digme Fitness studios, I more than dig ya. Here’s why:

    The good

    It can be difficult to judge a studio that has recently launched because they’re both trying to find their feet and wow you all at the same time. And I really don’t think Digme Fitness need to do the former as it’s a very slick operation.

    Super-sleek equipment

    From the Keiser M3i bikes and shoes to playlist and room, everything about Digme has been thought about. You don’t have to hire towels or shoes which is another bonus when you’re short on space in your everyday bag. Yes, it’s early days still but their ride arena and use of technology has set the bar very high.

    It’s an interactive class with universal appeal

    Call of...what???

    Call of…what???

    I’m not much of a gamer. In fact, I’m pretty damn terrible. Just ask my group of boy mates who tried and failed to help me get my character in Call of Duty to shoot straight. So the idea of adding a gaming element into a spin class didn’t really appeal to me…at first. Then I saw my character on the screen, the other opponents next to me in the spin class and it pushed me to go for it. Digme is the first class I’ve been to where you can race all over the world via a computer screen in front of you. And it’s really motivating for competitive people like me. Let’s just say, it pushed me to the max as I fought it out with two male opponents.

    You receive measurable and actionable stats

    We’re all about data these days and on that front Digme really comes into its own. Throughout the class your average stats in terms of RPM and Watts appear on the computer screen, which in turn pushes you (well me anyway) to go harder.

    My stats

    My stats

    You also made well aware of different zones to aim towards throughout the class and then there’s the leaderboard at the end. Not only that, you’re also sent those stats swiftly afterwards so if you decide to attend Digme regularly, you can work towards bettering these results every time. Easy, measurable and a brilliant option for those working towards goals. And even if you’re not, it’s always interesting to have an idea of your abilities.

    Classes planned to precision

    You may only be doing a 45-minute class but boy, does it make you sweat because it’s well-planned with the aim of pushing you harder. So whether you are personally motivated or need direction, Digme supports you via sprints, hills and a great soundtrack to boot.

    Friendly staff

    The staff were really very accommodating. From greeting a huffing and puffing me post-my cycle from Marylebone which took me slightly longer than anticipated to helping me set up my bike, you couldn’t fault their enthusiasm about this great new venture.

    The bad

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I only counted five seven* separate showers cubicles shared between male and female clients. That’s fine when you have a relatively small class where people will pop to work but in rush hour? Well, forget virtual race, I can see it becoming more of a race to the showers…


    Digme Fitness is currently located in Richmond meaning that people like me who live north of the river cannot benefit from this great spin class. That being said, I heard rumours that there are plans to open a studio in Blackfriars. Fingers crossed!

    What’s the damage?

    Well besides a rock solid bod and plenty of energy, classes currently range from £16 for one class (or credit) to £199 for 18 classes (or credits). You better get in quick though – these are launch offers.


    The verdict
    Digme was an insanely good spin class that left me dripping with sweat and grinning from ear to ear. I loved the competitive and interactive elements of Digme and think it’s definitely one that everyone should give a go. The only real downside for me is the location.

    To find out more about Digme Fitness, please go to www.digmefitness.com

    *my mistake, corrected by the team at Digme. Huge apologies!

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