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  • Spin. Ride. Cycle. My 5 Favourite London Classes On Two Wheels: BOOM Cycle

    BOOM Cycle has always been a favourite of mine as their quick half hour lunchtime classes were my saviour in what was once a pretty dull working day. I looked forward to my regular fix of cycling to the beat while contemplating how I could make the next few soul-destroying hours of my life more exciting.

    Fast forward a year and I’m now in a much better place but also a different place location-wise so a quick lunchtime jaunt to get a session in with the motivating Hilary & co (founder of BOOM Cycle Hilary Gilbert) is now infeasible. So when I was offered the change to try an extension to their programme of classes, I jumped at it.  For I wanted to reseal the deal in my own mind that BOOM cycle is one hell of a workout. And you know what, it didn’t disappoint.

    Here’s why:

    The good

    Now I’m a believer that you should end a cycle class feeling a) pumped and exhilarated and b) dripping in sweat. BOOM always fulfils this brief. From the choice of tracks to the mindfulness speeches from the instructors, BOOM cycle motivates you to push those pedals as hard as you can. Your thighs are burning but there’s no way you’re going to give up. It’s intense, challenging and one of the best lower body workouts you can do for half an hour or 45 minutes.

    And now, thanks to the addition of four new moves, you can feel the burn all over your body (no, I’m not a sadist – to work it, you’ve gotta feel it). BOOM cycle have introduced the Press, speedy Beat Back for 1, Wayback and weights section to their repertoire. Each move aims to work a different part of your body.

    Here’s a summary of them all:

    • The press works your abs, triceps and upper body as you press and bend your elbows halfway to the beat either one at a time or both together.
    • The speedy Beat Back for 1  encourages you to think and move fast so you can move your booty back to tap the seat once while bracing your abs (boy it’s a toughie).

      Hilary shows how to do it

      Hilary shows how to do it

    • The Wayback Flex – where you cycle with the chest low, abs and body braced and the booty way back, keeping it tight without putting pressure on the handlebars.
    • And finally, the weight section includes flys, bicep curls and free weights to use the upper body while you cycle.

    Let’s just say these four more moves coupled with the instructor’s enthusiasm certainly gets you going and you really have to concentrate to keep up in this speedy session. When it’s near the end of the class, the lights go down so you can focus on hitting that final high to some upbeat tune. And with the sweat dripping down your face, you feel on top of the world. It’s fricking brilliant.

    After the class, you’ll definitely want to take advantage of the showers which come with everything you need – fluffy towels, a hot shower with the luxurious REN shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, hair straighteners etc…- so you can return to the office or can head out on the town looking as fresh as a daisy.

    The bad
    From a purely selfish point of view, the only thing I can think of that is bad about BOOM Cycle is the location – their two studios in Holborn and Shoreditch are not in my daily proximity but they are pretty centrally located.

    Again there are a few showers but not as many as 1Rebel so you may find yourself slipping off early from class if you’re on a schedule.

    If you’re a complete beginner, the new-style moves may take a bit of getting used to but I don’t really think this is a negative thing, as everyone wants to be challenged or what is the point?

    Yep, BOOM Cycle is one in a million. If you’re up for the challenge, go see Hilary and her band of instructors for a class that’s fun, fast-paced and will whip you into shape in no time. You can also try their Urban Tri, which incorporates a run, cycle class and yoga with the fabulous Lululemon.

    For more info on BOOM Cycle and to view the timetable of the Shoreditch and Holborn studio, go to www.boomcycle.co.uk

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