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  • Spin. Ride. Cycle. My 5 Favourite London Classes On Two Wheels: Edge Cycle

    Following on from my last piece on 1Rebel, I’d like to talk about another cycle class that has me all in a spin: Edge Cycle.

    Edge Cycle (c) Edge Cycle

    I’m spinning around at the DISCOTHEQUE (c) Edge Cycle

    I first wrote about Edge Cycle back in September 2014 because I was invited to attend a Bootcamp class there.

    It was pretty impressed so when I found out it was available on ClassPass, I’ve jumped at the chance of attending regularly. Here’s a summary of the reasons why:

    The good

    Location – it’s not far from where I work on the Chancery Road end of Leather Lane (about a 15-minute cycle ride).

    The time of the classes – I like to be in to work around 8:30am and officially start at 9am so sometimes finding a class to fit in can be difficult. Edge Cycle timetable runs classes at 7am for 45 minutes which suits me down to the ground. They’ve also started introducing shorter classes of 35 minutes which are ideal for those who are timepoor but still want a hit of exercise.

    The sessions themselves – Edge Cycle is more than just your average spin session.
    The class is split into sections that are aimed at hitting those sprints hard, climbing hills (pretty tough on those thighs) and endurance. Set in a room that resembles a discotheque, the instructors motivate their class to move more, go harder and really make the most of their workout on the bike. The chosen soundtrack is also not offensive and a great mix of tunes that even someone who is slightly out of the loop would recognise.

    Let’s talk weight and abs – For around 10 minutes or so you actually get off your bike so you can focus on those harder-to-tone areas.
    While I enjoy cycle classes which incorporate weights with cycling, it can be tricky in terms of coordination. Removing yourself from the bike means that you have to focus on nailing that plank or mastering those flys. It’s fantastic discipline for those who actively avoid weights and any core work as there’s no escape. Yup, cardio fans, you have to lift. And it will surprise you a day or two after as your rediscover muscles you’ve not used in a while.

    The staff are friendly – offering you a towel and cleats if you like (not compulsory).
    There also seems to be a band of regulars who know and support each other. A studio that can build a regular clientèle and community must be pretty good in my books.

    The bad

    Shower time  – the sessions may be top-notch but it becomes a bit of a bun fight for the showers afterwards.
    You feel compelled to leave during cool down to ensure you can actually have a shower and get out on time. This is really bad practice I know and I hate being rude. But if you’re on a tight schedule, you have to be an early bird and leave before the class is over. Apologies in advance to all the instructors.

    You do get a towel, which is always a bonus in terms of lugging kit around town and there is shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. There are also hairdryers and deodorant. These are not deal-breakers but they do make a difference towards your overall opinion of a studio.

    The changing rooms – far too pokey for the amount of clients they have per session.
    I don’t mind stripping right down in front of other women in the changing room but there are limits. You want to at least have a bit of space around you to get dressed comfortably. There’s also little space to put your stuff. I admit I’m not the tidiest of people but having room to layout your clothing would be nice.

    Saying that, I did overhear in the changing rooms one regular discussing that Edge Cycle are going to be renovating these areas soon so fingers-crossed.

    Once this has been done, Edge Cycle really will become a go-to for those who want a class that meshes a hardcore cycle session with toning and strengthening.

    Sign up now and get your first class free and let me know what you think. Go to www.edgecycle.co.uk

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