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  • Spin. Ride. Cycle. My 5 Favourite London Classes On Two Wheels: SpinnOff London

    Finally, a spin studio that offers constructive adrenaline-pumped classes based in….North London. Yes, one of my favourite spin studios called SpinnOff London is based in Hampstead, just off Finchley Road, which happens to be only 20 minutes away from home and on my way to work. And while this is good news for me (and everyone else who lives and works in what I affectionately call “the Burbs”, proximity and location aren’t the only reasons I rate SpinnOff London. Here’s why I think it’s worth giving this this friendly and focused spinning studio a go.

    Loads of lovely bikes at SpinnOff

    Loads of lovely bikes at SpinnOff

    The good

    Now where do I start?

    The instructors are friendly
    From entering the space that is SpinnOff Studios along a cul-de-sac off the Finchley road, you feel instantly at ease thanks to the friendly and welcoming instructors.

    They do things properly
    They take the time to help set up your bike, ensuring you are in exactly the right position so you can work on creating long, lean muscles. The bikes are also top-of-the-range stationary bikes that can be adjusted easily.

    They’re hot on technique
    Even during the class, they will constantly remind you to relax your shoulders, push your bum back over the seat and constantly ensure you’re working the right parts of your body. It’s this attention to detail that sets them apart from most other spin classes I’ve attended.

    And boy do you feel it.
    Talk about waking up muscles currently in hibernation. From engaging my abs to working on those lazy glutes, my 45-minute spin class in the morning (usually with the lovely Rachel) is a definite wake-up call to my mind and body. I also sweat…a lot.

    The class itself
    This is a great mix of stamina-building endurance rides, sprints and hills all to music that I actually know. The time flies by and before you know it, the 45-minute ride is over and you’re in the studio next door trying to sculpt your abs of strengthen those glutes in the 15-minute strength class. Then you’re finally ready to go and face the day buzzing with energy.

    A personal touch
    As the class is on my way to work, I often use the shower which has all you need (towels, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, deodorant). The staff also offer a shot of juice and during the class you are given two bottles of water. The instructors, including Mairead who is the owner, are also always happy to chat and make you feel very welcome.

    The bad

    Thankfully no one else in my class takes a shower so I get it all to myself (lucky me) but if there were a couple of people who needed to wash off the sweat, I can see the lack of facilities being a problem.

    No microphones
    While I’m not a fan of booming mics or shouty instructors, on occasions it has been difficult to hear the instructions. Then again, I could always just say something in class (and I think I’m just being picky).

    The verdict
    SpinnOff London is an excellent spin studio offering a personal trust and well-constructed classes that push you to the max. Even if you’ve never even heard of Finchley Road, it’s worth a visit just so you can try one of Mairead or Rachel’s classes at this boutique-style studio which deserves to be noticed.

    To find out more about SpinnOff London, please go to www.spinnofflondon.com


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