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  • Spin. Ride. Cycle. My 5 Favourite London Classes On Two Wheels Starting With 1Rebel

    If injury prevents you from running or you simply want to keep up your cardio, then there are plenty of options available to make you sweaty, stronger and a more balanced runner. You could take up the rowing machine and see how far you get or try one of my other favourite activities – pushing my legs to the max in a class on two wheels.

    It's a cycle

    It’s a cycle

    Spinning. Riding to the Beat. Cycling on stationary bikes. Whatever you want to call it, the trend for joining a group of like-minded people in a room surrounded by fans and music blasting has emerged in a big way in London. Not only do these new studios popping up all over the shop offer more choice to people who want something different from a standard spin class but they also mean you don’t have to go far if you live in the capital to find one.

    Now as a fan and member of ClassPass plus someone who always likes to try a new studio, I’ve had the opportunity to take a class in some of the biggest and best of the bunch. So I thought I’d give you a run down of my top 5:

    The good:
    Believe the hype. 1Rebel is not just any old studio, it’s a movement. And boy will you sweat in the 1-hour classes set to what they call “carefully-curated music”. Yeah, the cycle room looks a bit like a nightclub and sometimes the strobe lighting is a bit much for those who remember dancing till dawn, instead of getting up at dawn to make sure they’re on time for the 6:45am class. Nevertheless, the instructors are exceptional at motivating you and getting you in the right mood for the ride. You pick up your cleats before you enter the room and there’s also a useful section with weights to workout the upper body.

    As for the changing room and facilities, think industrial-style waterfall showers, every toiletry you can imagine, hair straighteners, moisturiser, hair bobbles, they really have thought of everything making it a very attractive proposition.

    The bad:
    The only bad point for me is the class times as I have to get up exceptionally early to make the 6:45am class. It would be great if they could set something up North or near Marylebone, Paddington. Please. Pretty please…

    Joining the darkside...

    Joining the darkside…

    Do you have a favourite cycle studio? Please let me know as I’ll definitely give it a whirl.

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