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  • Sportable App: Organise Your Fitness Hassle-Free

    One of the many things I’ve learnt in my 10 years of living in London is that it can be difficult to organise regular sporting activities. Unlike at University or school, where you have everything handed to you on a plate and could easily become a part of the Ultimate Frisbee team or, in my case, the dance society, you come up against many a stumbling block in the big smoke.

    Firstly, there’s the location. Where exactly can you host that five-a-side game or play a game of tennis. Then there’s finding actual players. While players try to commit to play every week, life can get in the way. My colleagues at work who play netball weekly are always scrambling around for players. And I guess this has put me off taking part in organised sports.

    It’s true – I do enjoy running by myself – but I think that doing speed sessions with runners of a similar or slightly faster pace would push me harder. I have gone to running club sessions with Mornington Chasers, and they are excellent. The only problem is they fall on a Thursday – a day when something is usually going on. If only there was a way that I could organise something similar with other runners in my local area. Well thanks to the new Sportable App, this is now a reality. Watch the video below to find out more.

    From tracking your activities and locating activities in your local area to helping you organise games, activities and fitness session, find extra players at the last-minute and ensure subs are paid on time, the Sportable App solves all the problems that stop you from doing what you enjoy. And it covers hundreds of different sports.

    Home page on the Sportable App

    Home page on the Sportable App

    If you want to kick-start your fitness regime after the holidays or want to organising a match with mates, try Sportable App. Founders Aya Ahmad, and Adam Dewji have thought of everything, including a self-contained chat within each event so you can keep everyone participating in the loop without having to flip between WhatsApp chats.

    All this and more for no cost at all.

    The Sportable App is available to download for free on Apple iOS with a Google Android app coming soon.


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