• Wed26October 2016
  • Kick start winter with Ride Skincare

    There’s something about a new venture that gets me excited. Whether that’s my own endeavours or others, I think there are some things worth supporting. And that is why I’m writing to tell you about a new project launching on Kickstarter called Ride Skincare. Created by a guy called Tom, who contacted me on Twitter, […]

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  • Mon18May 2015
  • Feed Your Skin This Spring

    Don’t you just love this time of year? The sun is shining, the gardens are in full bloom and the air feels fresh and new. And hopefully after reading this sponsored beauty article put together for me, your skin will to. After the long, cold winter, things are hotting up at last. To celebrate the changing of […]

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  • Fri24April 2015
  • Omega-3 and heart health: do you ever think about it?

    You exercise regularly, eat a relatively balanced diet, sleep at least six hours a night and religiously slap on expensive face cream with added SPF every morning. Why? When you’re healthy inside, it shows on the outside. Your eyes sparkle, you’re bouncing off the walls with energy and you may just squeeze yourself into that dress that’s been hanging at […]

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