• Wed10September 2014
  • 4 gym hacks you need to try

    Hectic at work? Just can’t fit in that hour-long gym session? Need to shop, make dinner, get ready for tomorrow before you even think about heading out to Pilates class? With only 24 hours in the day, there are a multitude of reasons we can find for why working out gets pushed aside. But what if you could shape-up without costing you one of […]

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  • Wed04June 2014
  • My #runcommute essentials

    It’s official – Thursday 5 June 2014 (tomorrow if you’re reading this now) is #run2workday. Whoop whoop!. While I may not agree with BoJo’s politics, I think it’s fab that the Mayor of London is supporting the basic principles behind the event. In fact, there’s one key message from the day that I want to shout out loud: running to work […]

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  • Wed30April 2014
  • My #runcommute kit bag(s)

    Don’t you just love it when you’re accidentally on-trend? When something you have been doing for years, let’s say, Run to work, becomes all the rage. Suddenly, out of no-where (well sort of), there is even a day dedicated to runners who embark on their commute by foot. Swapping their morning crush-on-the-tube-oh-smelly-armpit ride for some […]

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