• Tue28February 2017
  • The Maverick innov-8 Original Sussex Race 2017

    It’s been some time since I’ve raced the trails but as this year’s Maverick innov-8 Original Sussex Race proved, they never fail to disappoint. There is something about running up the rolling hills of the Sussex countryside, looking across the valley and passing through fields of sheep (yes sheep) that makes you feel so alive, […]

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  • Sun22November 2015
  • Week 1: Julia Buckley’s Ignite challenge

    It’s never easy changing your ways. As much as you want to make those adaptations, trying to curb those habits can be difficult, especially in the run up to the busy period. I’m not making excuses (well I am) for my lack of a complete transformation over the past week but I’m simply trying to […]

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