• Sun22January 2017
  • Vegan Life: Top 5 Tasty Treats

    The truth is being vegan isn’t always easy. You’d be surprised how much food contains traces of milk powder (crisps?!?!). And having to constantly explain that vegan means you don’t eat anything animal-related – “yes, that’s no egg, no dairy, no meat, no fish”. Then there’s being the only one at a rather fancy gastropub, […]

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  • Sun31January 2016
  • #Veganuary: hype or healthy?

    When I first dipped my toes into vegan territory almost a month ago, I was slightly concerned. How would I eat enough to stop me feeling hungry? What happened if I suddenly had a hankering for scrambled eggs? And the most awkward part of all, what about eating out?   The first two questions went […]

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