• Sun08January 2017
  • Run Strong: And Throughout Winter

    “In the bleak midwinter, frosty wind made moan. Earth stood hard as iron, water like a stone” Let’s get one thing straight here. Despite some rather pretty sunrises and frosty mornings that I fill my Instagram feed up with (@becsinter in case you’re not already following me), January can feel pretty darn miserable. The festive […]

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  • Thu06November 2014
  • Cycle safe this winter

    Let’s face it, while we may be short on sunshine, exercise is one way to boost our endorphins (happy hormones) and our mood. So instead of leaving your two-wheeled friend to hibernate in the garage, shed, hallway, bedroom… , take advantage of the cooler weather and cycle your way through winter. It’s snow joke With a […]

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  • Sat19January 2013
  • Running in the snow

    It can be difficult to keep motivated when it’s cold and snowing outside but research published in January 2012 last year showed that both the cold and exercise can help boost  weight loss. Being cold can actually stimulate the production of brown fat. Before you get all worried by the mention of the word fat, […]

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