• Thu13March 2014
  • #TeamHackney #BoostLondon with adidas

    Last week I did this:

    Who with?

    If you’re not eagle-eyed enough to see me, I was lucky enough to be a part of #TeamHackney. Yep, @Rhalou of sportstylist.comSophie of challengesophie.com, Ernie (@Erniedoto of yinnyang.co.uk), Diana (@DianaBooty) and I were doing our ting representing the East London hipsters.

    Doing your what?

    Have you not watched the video yet? And no mum, ting is not a spelling mistake, it’s how the youngsters of today speak. We were not told what was going on until we reached our first point of the journey, so it was clouded in mystery. There were a few tweets bouncing about the day before, gearing us up for what turned out to be a secret mission across London. Pitched against three other teams: #TeamPeckham, #TeamLadbrokeGrove and #TeamCamden, our challenge was a 6k race to the finishing line with certain checkpoints and a 50m sprint along the way.


    To #BoostLondon, of course. And show off our snazzy silver adidas outfits.

    About the adidas gear

    Yeah, pretty cool huh? I absolutely love the pink boost trainers.

    Pink adidas boost trainers - luv it...

    Pink adidas boost trainers – luv it…

    And the leggings?

    You got me there. Initially, I wasn’t the biggest fan as for once I didn’t want to bring attention to my legs. But they are super-comfy to wear and have grown on me.

    You look like spacemen/women

    It was undoubtedly the silver jacket that made this outfit. My boyfriend remarked that it’s the kind of thing a 14 year old would wear but I don’t care. You’re never too old to fall in love with shiny things and this is standout, top of the class shiny.  It’s also lightweight and helps regulate your temperature when running. Big thumbs-up from me

    So you ran between checkpoints

    That’s right. We started off on Kingsland Road, ran to a Vietnamese place then on to Shoreditch Town Hall, Hatton Gardens and the finish, just off Carnaby Street. We also had a little 50m sprint race between Shoreditch Town Hall and Hatton Gardens.

    Start of the sprint

    Start of the sprint

    Sprints and challenge aside, did you have fun?

    Hell yeah, it was brilliant having a chinwag with my team, working together and generally spurring each other on to the finish line. What a lovely bunch they are.

    #TeamHackney #BoostLondon

    #TeamHackney #BoostLondon

    So #TeamHackney #BoostLondon?

    I would say so. Individually, we may have been noticed in this amazing get-up but as a team we definitely got some looks. Let’s put it this way, this was no ordinary evening. We may not have won the race but we sure had fun trying to complete our adidas #BoostLondon mission.

    Thanks to the rest of #TeamHackney and adidas for inviting me to come along.

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