• Tue19March 2013
  • That Nike Training Club post on Facebook


    As a self-confessed Fitness Freak, who loves nothing better on a Saturday morning than heading out for a Parkrun or getting muddy in Victoria Park as I attempt to do umpteen burpees, I couldn’t have been more pleased to become part of the Nike Training Club community.

    It’s the perfect answer to my fitness conundrum. By attending these weekly classes, I can work on muscles that I usually ignore due to my single-minded running mentality, and I don’t have to pay for the privilege. Bonus! But seriously, I love going to a weekly class with other like-minded individuals. No matter what the weather, we’re out there, getting grubby and working up a sweat. Mostly make-up free (and sometimes slightly hungover from the night before), we love the buzz from an amazing workout. And from all their previous campaigns, I thought Nike understood – that was until I saw THAT post on Facebook.

    Put simply they posted a photo of a picture-perfect young girl reclining across a bed of leaves underneath the question: “Flat whites and chit chats. Hot baths and gossip mags. What do you do after a tough workout?” My first reaction was “are they having a laugh?” There I was, (ironically) sipping on my hot chocolate after my 19 miler on Sunday, about to jump in the shower with Nike asking if I was going to “chit chat”. I couldn’t agree more with LungesandLycra who suggested this abnormal post was a massive fluff-filled girl-over. What next? Tips on how to prevent your lip liner from smudging when running a marathon? While I understand that some may not have a problem with this and my partner thought I was exaggerating. But come on ‘chit chat’? If you ever see me post-race or NTC, then you’ll know last thing I want to do is ‘chit chat’. It’s like they’ve forgotten who some of their audience are.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love a good gossip, coo over a pair of Louboutins and have been known to wear plastic bags over furry footwear (in case they were ruined by the wet weather). But it’s a whole different ball game when I’m in training mode. Hell, I’m fiercely competitive, determined and darn right fearless. I embrace the dirt, throw myself into it and don’t care if I’m a hot and sweaty mess when the hour’s over. That’s why the blood, sweat and competitive nature of Nike Training Club appealed to me.

    So this is an appear to Nike to stay true to your roots and keep encouraging women like me to find our inner workout warriors.

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