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  • The #Megamix games with Maximise

    Sometimes you head out for dinner, a dance or even more, but most Friday nights are spent watching a good film or something low key to set you up for an eventful weekend. Well, that’s my typical Friday night. A few weeks back, however, I signed up to spend those precious few hours doing something slightly different. From bubble football and hula hooping to disco dodgeball and old school sports day games, I maximised the entry into the weekend at the Megamix games.




    What are the Megamix games?

    Set up by Maximise – a company that specialises in Hen weekend activities – the Megamix games was essentially an evening of four seriously fun team activities that are right up my alley: Bubble Trouble, Old School Sports Day, Disco Dodgeball or Binocular Football. 

    “Bubble” what?!?

    Bubble Trouble is what I like to call “Zorb Football”. You are dressed in a larger-than-life inflatable bubble with the soul goal of well scoring a goal. Which is way trickier than it sounds because you spend half the time bumping into the opposite team rather than kicking the ball. It’s fast, furious and works your lungs as you bounce around the pitch chasing the ball or trying to barge the opposition off the ball.

    So you’re part of a team?

    Keep it up

    Keep it up

    Yes, the whole purpose of these games is for you and your besties to work together to win. I was on KeepItSimpElle‘s strong team of six and I feel we drew on our particular talents throughout the evening. we worked our way playing up to our skills throughout the activities.

    Which were?

    Elle and Hannah proved to be particularly skilled at the hula hooping, and at one point, I thought they were going to spend the entire evening wandering around with a hula hoop attached. Monica and Bethan were pretty much all-rounders and strong on the field at the old school games. Monica, in particular, worked that space hopper like a pro while Bethan made the drunken goggle run look easy. Finally, Corey showed her expertise at disco dodgeball, which was also my strongest area in terms of dodging rather than throwing the ball at the opposition.

    Did you win?

    Not this time – the gold went to Georgina‘s team of Snatch Sisters. But, of course, it’s never about the winning, it’s the taking part that counts…We came fourth.

    Out of how many teams?

    Erm, four.

    OK – what was your favourite challenge?

    The old school games was a barrel of fun, especially the space hopper and three-legged race.

    Would you do it again?

    Of course, and I can see how it could appeal to hens who love being active.

    Any tips?

    Just throw yourself into it and don’t take it too seriously.

    If you fancy trying the Megamix activities, check out Maximise’s Megamix Triple Combo activity. Maximise are offering a special promotion for my readers – the bride goes free when you book a 2 night hen package. You just need to quote the code: MEGAMIX GAMES when booking online or over the phone (020 8236 0111).

    The following terms and conditions apply:

    1. a)        The discount cannot be used on any packages that have been discounted previously by Maximise.  
    2. b)      A minimum 2 night’s stay is booked and the group size is a minimum of 10 people

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