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  • This week (January 17 2014) I…


    Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Swimathon leaflet

    1. Dived headfirst into the deep end

    By joining the Sainsbury’s Sport Relief Swimathon Blogger Squad.  As someone who is way more comfortable running through “ponds” than swimming in them, this will definitely be a challenge of a different kind. What it does mean is a little adjustment to my training schedule to include my own interpretation of breast stroke (let’s call it doggy paddling with an edge).

    You’ll be noticing a few more posts about “swimming” in the run-up to the event taking place all over the country throughout the weekend of 23-25 March. Why don’t you join me?  Seriously, if I (neither graceful nor efficient in the water) am confident enough to have a go, then surely you can give it a whirl. You’ll also help raise money for some really worthy causes that help extremely disadvantaged and vulnerable people turn their lives around.

    Find out how by going to the Swimathon website here.


    2. Spied with my little eye this wonderful new store opening in Covent Garden

    Lululemon opening in Covent Garden

    Lululemon opening in Covent Garden


    When it comes to fashion and fitness, it’s all happening in the UK right now. And nothing pleases me more than an opening of a new store that promises to synchronise two of my favourite things in perfect harmony. Now I know that Lululemon already have a store on Floral Street (and what a friendly Canadian welcome I receive from their team every time I visit) and have run with their gang in South Kensington, but this huge retail space that you can see in the picture is situated on Long Acre, one of Covent Garden’s busiest streets. Spring cannot come too soon this year as really will prove to be the season of new beginnings and a dazzling new Lululemon London retail space.

    adidas adizero boost trainers

    adidas adizero boost trainers


    3. Took my brand new adidas adizero mega trainers on a test driveThese trainers, no, let me rephrase that, little beauties are simply bliss to run in. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, the BOOST cushioning combined with the Continental tyre sole puts a real spring in your step. Lightweight and airy, you feel like you are wearing slippers not some trainer that has been put through vigorous tests to be the best that it can be. And I guess it’s this freedom of comfort that really helps you perform when it counts. I’m trialling mine sparingly as I don’t want to wear them down before my real challenges of the year – the Paris and Geneva Marathon. But they’ll definitely be my first port of call when I’m in need of speed to break those PB barriers down.

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