• Mon31August 2015
  • Wanna Run In The Alps? Well you can (kinda) with Run Social

    Undoubtedly running outside is brilliant. Not only is it an opportunity to notice the changes in the season, it can really clear your head or allow you to explore something new. And if you ever get to race in the shadow of say Mont-Blanc or the Sahara desert, it reminds you that the world is there the taking.

    open road snow

    But there are times, however, when you wake up in the morning and it’s peeing down outside. Or the pavements are so icy that you wished you’d taken up skating lessons when you were younger. Yes, you want to train but the elements have the better of you. As a last resort you reluctantly head to the gym and try a session on the treadmill or dreadmill as let’s face it, there’s nothing fun about running on the treadmill. Until now that it.

    For some clever chaps called RunSocial have come up with a solution that may well lure fans of the great outdoors back onto the treadmill. No seriously, jumping on the latest trend for running apps, RunSocial allows users to virtually explore locations from all over the world. Imagine that. You may be pacing on a treadmill in some dingy, over-priced gym in London but what you’re seeing is anything but concrete walls and fellow sweaty gym goers. In fact, you could be running through the Californian Hills or along the beach in Bali.

    There are other apps that promise to do the same thing but what makes RunSocial different is that you can also join runners who are actually striding out in that location. Going back to the Californian Hills – you could be running with a fellow enthusiast who is based over there. You may not be able to to join them but this feels like the next best thing and also a reason not to turn your nose up at the treadmill.

    Available on Apple OS, RunSocial’s new app tracks your speed and can be connected to Life Fitness treadmills with Discover and Track+ consoles via Bluetooth or USB port depending on the console so that it moves up and down when you hit those virtual hills. And with social media integration on Facebook and Twitter plus the ability to connect to your big screen at home via HDMI or Apple TV, you really can experience those magical running routes on the treadmill.

    And as it says above, you really can run in the Swiss Alps. Simply follow these instructions below:

    1.  Download the RunSocial app http://bit.ly/get_RSapp.
    2. Go to the website http://www.runsocial.com/promo and create your free account and insert dynamoRS1
    3. Go back to the RunSocial app on your phone or table and log-in to your account
    4. In the app, go to the Swiss Alps route and select Run Sample
    5. Now you’re ready to run in the Swiss Alps!

    Or win a dream running trip (which, yes, you guessed it, includes running in the Swiss Alps) http://bit.ly/WinRunTrip  



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