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  • We Own The Night with Nike

    With only a week to go until the big race, I thought I’d talk a bit about my experience of training for We Own The Night with Nike and Elle magazine.

    When it comes to organising a race, Nike pull out all the stops. And with We Own The Night, they have thought about everything, no really.

    From Master Trainers to opportunities to run with popstars (yes I sound like my Dad but am referring to Ellie Goulding), they are doing a great job of motivating the women of London to don their most stylish training gear and get training for a run to remember. They even have an area in Niketown London, where you can select a look from their sportswear collection, edited by Elle magazine, and have your photo taken. If that is not enough, they’ve asked loads of popular bloggers to create their own teams of runners.

    Nike kit edited by Elle

    Nike kit edited by Elle with those leggings.

    It didn’t take much to persuade me to sign up as part of Team NaturallyNaturally, Leah’s gang – but I couldn’t help feeling like a bit of a fraud. After all, this is not my first 10 km run. More often than not, events like this are geared towards beginner runners, which is no bad thing. But when you’re experienced, you kind of feel a bit like a show-off. It’s like you’re shouting, “Hey, look at me guys and how fast I can run – bet you can’t catch me”, without actually saying anything at all. And I have to say, after two Monday night sessions, I was completely wrong.

    The first training session, they had us doing hill training, as in running up and down Primrose Hill, where you can enjoy awesome views of London once you have finally caught your breath. Then, to be really kind, they pushed us to do a fast few kilometres back to base. The following week, they had us doing tempo runs and despite the fact it almost killed me, the Nike Trainer Gemma, made me really appreciate having someone there to tell you what to do. She had me running four lamp posts at a fast pace, followed by four at a recovery pace. I have to say that I would never mix up my training in the same way if I was running by myself.

    I am really looking forward to the last session on Monday and will be sad if they do not continue them throughout the summer. In addition to the Monday night, Nike offered Train to Run sessions on a Wednesday. My team leader, Naturally, Leah also organised a special training event last nigh,t taken by the Master Trainer Gil Cramer, who put us through our paces and offered some useful tips. These included – do not eat anything you haven’t tried before on race day, eat a heavy breakfast and then lightly throughout the day and keep hydrated. Gil also told us about the latest school of thought when it comes to powering your races – use your glutes and hamstrings for more efficiency. I’m definitely going to try and keep this in mind on my runs. In fact, he fired up our glutes something proper and I’m feeling it a little today.

    All in all, my experience with We Own The Night has been extremely positive and it’s definitely spurred on my training to get back in shape to beat those PBs. I also have put a pair of those Nike sunset leggings on my must-have list. They would look perfect with my vivid orange race day t-shirt.

    Nike, you have done your job well, extremely well.

    If you do want to find out a bit more about me, check out my post on Naturally, Leah.

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