• Sun22November 2015
  • Week 1: Julia Buckley’s Ignite challenge

    It’s never easy changing your ways. As much as you want to make those adaptations, trying to curb those habits can be difficult, especially in the run up to the busy period. I’m not making excuses (well I am) for my lack of a complete transformation over the past week but I’m simply trying to highlight that to really make a change, you need to do it gradually.

    Trail running at the weekend

    Trails are too enticing.

    1. Exercise

    Now it’s no secret that I love to run. If time was no object, I would probably run everywhere. Not only does running keep me trim, but it also helps to keep me sane. As much as I enjoy other people’s company, I also like to escape and have an hour or so by myself. Not having that time has proven to be tricky this week. I have stuck by it and cycled to work, limiting my running to around 40 minutes a day. But boy I do miss it.

    People say well now you have all this extra time on your hands. They forget that I’m outdoorsy and love exploring. Whacking on a workout videos just doesn’t have the same appeal.

    Despite my lack of enthusiasm for living room exercise, Julia Buckley’s Ignite videos do hit all the right buttons in terms of workouts. They are enjoyable, condensed down into a manageable chunk and work your entire body. Yes, I do get complaints from the partner about jumping up and down – “the neighbours can hear you thumping about”, he says, but come on, I’m hardly a baby elephant.

    In terms of noticing a difference, the horizontal exercises such as burpees and mountain climbers are working my tummy muscles, so much so that I told my manager at work (a very funny guy) to stop making jokes because it ached every time I laughed. I can see how continuing this pilot over the next few weeks will get me into a stronger state and focus on my whole body rather than just my legs.

    Thoughts after week one:
    Videos are thorough and easy to fit into a busy daily life.


    1. Food and drink

    After last weekends’s blowout at a friend’s engagement party (let’s just put it this way, I wasn’t sitting pretty last Sunday after a few glasses of “cocktail”, wine and some Danish drink called Fisk), I was ready to take it easy this week. But I have failed on several fronts. Firstly, there’s the caffeine. It’s difficult to cut it out when it’s such a busy period of the year. And yes, I’m making excuses but it’s a toughie. As for sugar, well, I did take homemade soup in twice this week to work and had salad instead of my usual round of sugar-filled snacks on Friday. When there’s been sweets and stuff at work, I haven’t touched it!

    I don’t think I mentioned in my last post about the accountability part. You had to choose someone close to you to become your accountability buddy and as you can guess, I proffered this out to my partner in crime. He’s loving his newfound power, texting me when he saw an empty Pepsi Max can in the recycling: “I thought you said you were going to cut it out completely”. And then there’s “Did the clock stop?” When I was out on a run. My “buddy” is definitely on it.

    Thoughts on my diet:
    Proving to be tricky but the partner is forcing me to rethink what I put in my mouth. 

    1. Stretching more

    I have been making an effort to stretch out before bed and noticed the difference. Whereas I never used to be able to touch my toes, I can now almost do it with ease. It certainly helps in terms of muscle aches but I do not follow any set exercises. I have grown to like yoga. It’s not quite my thing yet though and I have to be in the right frame of mind to really absorb all the benefits. In theory, yoga before bed sounds like a great idea but when your partner wants to watch Peep Show or starts asking you questions from The Prince Of Wales Highgate Pub Quiz book (a must-buy) before you enter the land of nod, it makes anything like yoga quite difficult.

    I think the next week I’ll try ekhartyoga.com (as recommended by my mum) to see if the sun salutations will help me sleep too.

    Thoughts on yoga:
    Let’s see how it goes.


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