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  • Week 3: Julia Buckley’s Ignite Challenge

    I’ve been bad. Naughty old me just couldn’t resist going off-plan this week and attempting to run a half marathon only to be bitten in the bum with a swollen ankle. You could call it karma… That was the penultimate week of Julia Buckley’s Ignite Challenge.

    Rest time for the ankle

    Rest time for the ankle

    And it all started off so well. Every day before work, I’ve been getting up and doing my half hour of Julia’s different workouts that focus on those areas where it’s often hard to shift that fat. During the first two weeks, I did notice how my body felt afterwards. My arms in particular have benefited from the mix of planks and press-ups. I feel the experience has been good and showed me how I can switch up my routine once in a while.

    Then on Saturday I decided to run the Trailscape Marathon in Cuxton. My ankle felt a bit dodgy beforehand and by mile 9, I was hobbling. The drugs could have worked but I thought it’s not worth it this time. Better that I nurse my swollen ankle than make it worse and be a hobbalong for weeks on end so I dropped down to a half marathon. This has nothing to do with Julia’s workout but it does mean I’ve had to adapt her sessions over the past few days. So here’s what I’ve been doing to avoid nurse my ankle back to health and keep on target with Julia’s plan.

    1. Cycle commute to work

    Thankfully cycling is one activity I can do without putting pressure on my ankle. And seeing as I live in a valley, my commute to and from work involves hills. No, it’s not ideal, and I’d rather be running but it’s pretty speedy, cheap and cardiovascular exercise for me on a daily basis.

    2. No jumping

    While some exercises such as press-ups and squats don’t really hurt my ankle, the jumping involved in Julia’s plan really has an impact. So what I’ve done is slow it down. I still follow the exercises in the routine but instead of jumping I step softly. It’s not as good a workout but it’s better than just sitting on my bum in front to the telly.

    3. More abs

    Seeing as I can’t jump around to burn off the fat, I’ve been modifying the exercises so I focus on my middle area. You know what I’m talking about, that soft podgy bit that simply does not want to shift. I’ve redressed the balance by putting more emphasis on planks and those WIV sit-ups (you’ll have to join to find out what I’m talking about). Whether it works or not is an entirely different matter but at least I’m doing all I can to stay with it.

    What do you do when you have setbacks with your training? Let me know in my comments below.

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