• Mon14December 2015
  • Week 4: Julia Buckley’s Ignite Challenge

    It was quite surprising that after a month of Julia Buckley’s Ignite Challenge, I woke up this morning, switched on my laptop and went to start Ignite #1 only to find that my four weeks of squats, planks and press-ups was over. What has become a bit of a ritual has now come to an end and I couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed.

    Paris shines on

    Paris shines on

    Now don’t get me wrong, my month training with Julia hasn’t exactly gone to plan. My ankle is still painful which means I can’t run, jump or hop at the moment. I spent the last weekend of the programme walking around Paris which was bittersweet because I love to walk around the City of Light but was in so much pain that we ended up taking out Velib (that’s Paris’ version of Boris bikes) to cycle from point to point. This was actually really enjoyable and I’d recommend it to anyone heading to this beautiful place. My ankle however swelled up to the size of a tennis ball which prohibited me massively from exercising.

    Trying to find out where we are on the bikes

    A bit of navigating

    Had I been able to exercise, I would have gone for a run and also used Julia’s Ignite Challenge for the following reasons:

    1. You can do it anywhere
      Seriously, I have been doing the exercises in my living room which plays host to a couple of pieces of mid-century furniture, a tub chair, sofa, African bongo, Elk horns and other relics I’m trying to get rid of on eBay.
    2. It takes no time at all
      Again, Julia’s Ignite Challenge is the same length as an episode of Hollyoaks, so once you get the movements you can catch up with Cheshire’s finest while working off that mince pie.
    3. It cleverly uses repetition to build up and strengthen
      Julia’s workout uses a series of exercises which are then repeated either once or twice so you can work on a specific targeted area. And once you’ve got the hang of it, you can focus and make sure you give the exercises all you’ve got.
    4. You’ll soon know what part you’ll be exercising
      Whether it’s your core or your arms, you do work out a different part of your body every day. You don’t have to follow the programme and can choose what workout you do but I preferred to follow the challenge in numerical order.
    5. It’s aimed at everyone
      Whether you’re an absolute beginner or someone more experienced, you can adapt the challenge to suit you so you get the most personal workout ever.
    6. Your goals are individual and set from the start
      It’s up to you to reach your goals that are set from the beginning of the programme.
    7. You have someone who you’re accountable to
      Yep, that person will remind you every so often to keep you on the right track (and sometimes enjoy their power a little too much).
    8. You’re not alone
      One of the best things about Julia’s online fitness programme is access to a community who will encourage and chat about how they’re getting on. And you can contribute if you want to, all while keeping it private and respectful.

    To find out more about Julia’s Fitness programmes and online gyms, go to juliabuckleyfitness.com

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