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  • What I learned at the Spitfire Scramble 2014

    You say 24 hour race to see how many 10k-ish laps you can do, I say a mini-running festival (Runstival anyone? No, I’m not convinced either)with a great gang of girls. homemade cake, fantastic support and a trophy. Or that is how I would describe the inaugural Spitfire Scramble 2014.

    Set in the leafy suburbs of Hornchurch, which you could easily mistake for being part of Kent or Essex but is apparently a London Borough, the off-road, multi-terrain 24-hour race was the perfect opportunity to hook up with some of the Thunder Run crowd.  In fact, five of us were Thunder Babes (Leah, Jen, Katy, Emma and myself) with Beki, Nikki and Charlie making up the winning combination of our VIP team (Team Naturally was lucky enough to win the Spitfire Scramble VIP competition so we received Lenser headtorches, Crewroom clothing plus free entry). Our task was pretty much the same, see how many individual laps we could do as a team. You needed to have someone on the course with a luminous wristband on at any one time, which you passed over to the next member of your team when you passed over the finish line.


    Witness the fitness of Team Naturally getting scrambled (c) eddiemacdonald.co.uk


    Pretty much the same drill as Thunder Run. But as with all things in life, you’re always a teeny bit apprehensive about repeating an experience, just in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations.

    Thankfully, the Spitfire Scramble was every bit as blood, sweat and tears as our race a month earlier. There was drama, no sleep and plenty of action to keep us busy as well as support from the lovely Lissy, Laura and Lucy, who all popped along throughout the day with various snacks, a banner and good chat. While it may have been the same concept as the adidas Thunder Run, it was still a completely different experience so here is what I learned from running the Spitfire Scramble 2014.

    1. Lissy’s banana cake is amazing

    I’m not a huge fan of bananas. In fact, I find the furry texture of them fundamentally repulsive. But when mixed up with chocolate, flour, sugar and a talented baker, the result is a rather tasty delight. Charlie wasn’t wrong in saying that Lissy’s banana cake was worth waiting for – thank you Lizzy for the support and feeding us.

    2. Always have a plan B

    Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry and no one could have predicted that we would be not one but two women down. And there was no way we would have let neither Jen nor Leah run/hobble around another lap as they were pretty injured. So what did we do in the light of this minor hiccup? Pull together, come up with a plan B and ensure that everyone was well-fed and watered. Again, our organisational skills and willingness to just get on with it shone through the darkness of the night and into the early hours of the morning.

    3. Porridge at 4:30ish in the morning tastes like cardboard

    If you were to ask me what time I ran at during the night, I’m really not sure. All I remember is waking up and needing something warm inside me. It was cold, I’d eaten copious amounts of sweet stuff the day before and didn’t know what I wanted so I went for the only thing included with my free wristband that I could eat (I’m veggie) porridge. It may not have been tasty but it certainly powered me through my fourth and final lap.

    4. Lenser headtorches are blow-your-mind powerful

    Powerful and emitting rays of light into the distance, I felt like a superheroine when bounding along the trails with my Lenser SEO 5 headtorch on. Honestly, it made such a difference at whatever time it was I ran my third lap. Not only could I angle it and change the density/width of the beam in-front of me, I could also angle it while running for longer and straighter stretches of the path. And as I discovered while playing with the headtorch beforehand, you can also change the light to red (making it fantastic for cyclists) or even make it flash, which incidentally became the signal of the Team Naturally girls to the next person running a lap waiting patiently.

     5. Crewroom clothing is incredibly comfortable

    Well I sort of knew this already as I am the proud owner of the Royal Parks Ultra 2013 Crewroom t-shirt but I was pleasantly surprised to find that the capri leggings handed to us as the VIP team were just a comfortable and flattering. With reflective dots down the back, reinforced meshed around the calves and splashes of fluorescent yellow, I know I’ll get a lot of use out of these leggings when the nights draw in.

    6. Winning is awesome, surprising your boyfriend is priceless

    Striking a balance is always difficult – and as much as I love running, I don’t want it to rule my life so a month or so ago I made a pact with my boyfriend that I would only run one day at the weekend. There are, of course, some exceptions and races I’d already booked were fine as are a few exceptions in the run up to the big one.

    Run run run

    Honey I’m coming (not really, just on my first lap) (c) Leah Evans

    My point is he wants to spend time with me, I want to spend time with him too but do everything else as well and it causes friction because inevitably sometimes I slip up and mistime activities so he is left waiting around for me. Let’s just say, I had a lot of Brownie points to make up on the weekend of Spitfire Scramble.

    The choice of leaving early on the Sunday morning (I was up anyway), heading home on the tube, winding him up by calling him when I was 10 minutes from home with coffee in my hands, asking to check the fridge for yoghurt and if we were out whether he could buy me some from the supermarket anyway (for good reason, I wanted to make sure he was still home) and then surprising him when I turned up at 10am was the best decision ever. I may have missed my chance of picking up a trophy but hey, his smile was worth it. Not only was I scrambled, I scrambled…

    7. Did I mention trophy?


    Trophy time! And Lucy’s sign (c) Leah Evans

    Another race, another medal and a trophy? Yes, Team Naturally won in our category after completing 25 laps. It just goes to show what a great and supportive bunch of girls can do. Would I do it all again?  Hell yes (within reason). So come on girls, when’s our next adventure?



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