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  • What to Do When You’re NOT Running?

    Of course, there are 100s, scrap that, millions of things to do when you’re not running. You could finally get to the bottom of your wardrobe and wade through the piles of clothing stacked up that you seem to have somehow accumulated over the year. BUT enough of my constant battle to just buy more clothes. I’m talking about exercise.



    You see, a few weeks back I took a bit of a tumble. And I’m ashamed to say it was while walking down the stairs of a museum in Berlin trying to Instagram a photo of some radical art I’d just seen.  So, I’ve had to take a bit of time out of running (boo hoo), which means finding other ways to get my cardio fix. (Don’t even think it, there are no bedroom-related antics in this blog post.)

    Here’s one way I’ve been working up a sweat:

    Spin Spin Spin

    Love it or hate it, there’s no denying that spinning is a great form of cardio exercise. Not only does it work those muscles but it also releases endorphins and wakes you up in the morning. Seriously, a spin class plus caffeine is rocket fuel for the day ahead. Now, I’ve been lucky enough to try out the new Digme Spin Studio in Blackfriars, which is the same format at the Richmond Studio. If you’re competitive and want a performance-based spin class, take a look at their current offers. Honestly, it’s one of my faves as  I am always keen to see my name at the top of the leaderboard.


    I’ve also made an appearance at a fair few Boom Cycle classes over the past few weeks. Again, they have a slightly different approach to spin classes, focusing on working out with weights and also cycling to the music. The instructors are really motivational and you also feel like you’ve worked hard throughout the class.

    It’s all about the MOVES

    Wait, there’s more. Introducing a new studio called One 10 on Baker Street. This super-sleek new studio includes a fancy shake bar, range of clothing and smart changing rooms. The class I tend to go to is more of the competitive stats-based ride, where you try to hit a certain RPM and wattage. There is, however, a class called Nirvana, which is more of a ride set to music where you incorporate weights. Check out my Instagram (@becsinter) to find out how I go at my first class tomorrow.

    H2 Cycle

    H2 Cycle

    And every ride you do earns points that build towards milestones that you can tick off, which is a neat idea to keep you motivated and coming back for more. At the moment, they’re offering two classes for £20, which is pretty reasonable for Central London. Or find a friend to refer you (me, me, me) for your first free class.

    To find out more, go to: https://one-10.com/

    And H2

    If you don’t know me by now, then….well, yes, you all know that I’m a bit of a self-confessed fitness junkie. In a good way of course. Which brings me on to my other new discovery near Carnaby Street. Attached to the bike park in central London, H2 Bike Run, where commuters can pay to store their bikes and have a shower is a gym which offers a range of classes. From Yoga and Pilates to TRX and Boxercise, there are a number of classes you can try including the very functional and focused H2 Cycle classes. Offering three different 45-minute classes: Enduro Ride – for endurance, Power Ride – for power and Rogue Riders – for going Rogue, I mean lots of power sprints, H2 Cycle will definitely raise your heartrate without burning a hole in your pocket. At the moment, a single class is just a tenner. A bargain in central London. Go to https://www.h2bikerun.co.uk to find out more.

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