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  • Why adidas spring/summer 2014 collection is worth saving the pennies for

    adidas spring/summer 2014

    My collage of adidas spring/summer collection 2014

    We all know how important it is for active wear to be functional. The short shorts bum cheek look may have been one of the hottest fashion trends for spring/summer 2013 (and not on my hot list I have to add) but when it comes to doing your thing on the track. trail or road, the last thing you want to think about is whether your shorts are showing a bit too much flesh. That said, you also want to be as cool as possible in terms of temperature and feel confident that your clothing will not hamper your performance. Chafing of those thighs and rubbing under the arm holes can be really painful. So what if a brand could promise comfort, function and fashion-forward looks for those of us who want to start the race feeling like we’re winners? Well, cue adidas and their latest spring/summer 2013 collection.

    Now don’t get me wrong, I’m already a huge fan of a number of sportswear brands on the market that combine fashion and function, From Sweaty Betty with their must-have Velocity Run jacket (head over there today as there’s a sale on) to Lululemon’s Swiftly tech top, which is seamless to make it super comfy and the cutest slogans on the inside edges (you just have to see it to believe it), I like to mix up my sportswear wardrobe and find pieces that really work. But adidas has got me super-excited for several reasons:

    1. The hot new range of fancy footwear

    While the adidas Springblades may have caught the attention of the press and you can see why by looking at the pic of them at the top middle of this picture, what I am more excited about getting my hands on is a pair of the adizeros. Featuring adidas’ BOOST foam, which is meant to “energize your running stride”, and grips made from Continental tire material, these training shoes are super-light with improved grip. In short, it sounds to me like the adizero range can speed you up. And if they helped Wilson Kipsang smash the World record at the Berlin marathon back in September 2013, then I’m keen to get my hands on them. You can see the grip of the adizero trainers in the top left-hand of the picture collage above and the pair in the bottom right-hand photo of the picture collage above.

    2. ClimaChill technology

    I already own a lot of adidas stuff and really rate their ClimaCool technology, which is fabric created to wick away the sweat so your body temperature is regulated. ClimaChill takes this to the next level and not only keeps your body at a comfortable temperature but actively cools you down. Now I’ve not tried this yet, so I am not entirely convinced that it works. The idea, however, that you can wear something that will actually help your body cool down, especially on those hot training days, is a step forward when it comes to sports gear.

    3. Design and colour
    Rainbow Brite eat your heart out as next season’s adidas collection is bursting with colour to brighten up those dull days. Please forgive the reference to one of my favourite cartoon characters from the 80s, however, the design and shades used in the adidas spring/summer collection 2014 demonstrates that adidas are determined to make sportswear both functional and fashionable. I fell in love with their rainbow splash jacket (above top right) as the sleeves are detachable and it will channel my cool inner urban chick, which I am as far removed from as possible. The leggings were also available in vibrant patterns and even featured cut-out panels (very Alexander Wang c. A/W 2009 – it takes time to filter down through the fashion chain). Even if they do make my shapely legs look like deformed sausages, I can’t wait to pull a pair of those bad boys on.

    With light as a feather fabric of the adizero range to sports tops outerwear made with tough Gore Tex to keep you warm and dry, I can’t wait to add some of this colourful collection to my wardrobe.

    And as you can see from the rather decorated collage of pieces above, I have chosen my key picks already.

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