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  • Why BelSeva organic birch water is the Kir Royal of health drinks

    It’s not exactly rocket fuel, it may not be packaged conveniently for runners (but the bottles will bring a touch of elegance to your fridge) but BelSeva organic birch water may be just what you’re looking for to keep you fuelled throughout your workout.

    Quench your thirst with BelSeva

    Quench your thirst with BelSeva

    While you’re thinking that birch water is the latest fad for those ‘fitstars’ of hipster leaning to jump on, this particular brand deserves to have its moment in the spotlight. Created and harvested by Patrice Cordebar in the beautiful rural area of France known as Lorraine, this ‘elixir’ is 100 percent natural and recommended by the chief doctor for 39 years of the Tour de France. The founder Patrice was a former cyclist and triathlete who decided to bring the fruits of his labour to the mass market.  He is lovely in person and swears by the properties taken from the sap of his birch trees. 

    What are the benefits?

    Well on the website it says that BelSeva helps with weight loss, melts cellulite and burns fat. Convinced? Me neither. What I do find more interesting is the idea that the sweet liquid of the birch tree has similar properties to coconut water in that some of the key properties include electrolytes and potassium.  If you exercise regularly or push yourself to go the distance, you’ll know how electrolytes can perk you up and keep you feeling strong and hydrated. Another interesting element worth mentioning is that birch water contains something called saponin, which according to some studies has the properties to control blood cholesterol levels and act as an anti-inflammatory. 

    An alternative to coconut water?

    For those who can’t stand coconut water but are after a more natural approach to rehydration, birch water is worth a go, especially when it tastes like BelSeva. Available in 750ml bottles in four flavours: original, apple, blackcurrant and Morello cherry (note they use around four percent natural brown sugar in the flavoured version), this thirst-quenching drink is worth a shot.

    As I said above, it’s a shame they are currently only available in glass bottles as this isn’t exactly practical but you could always decant it into your workout bottle and use the elegant bottles to store your own concoctions. They’re also not in the cordial department for price but work out around the same price as coconut water.

    And the best flavour? Well, it has to be the blackcurrant – it’s like a Kir Royal (without the champers).  Honestly I bought two bottles because I’m not drinking alcohol until after the Marathon des Sables and it’s good to toast all my mini-goals with something delicious.

    To order your bottle of BelSeva, click here.



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