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  • Why I rate ClassPass

    When ClassPass first arrived in the UK last year, I was excited. Almost a year later and I’m still enjoying being a part of this massive community so when one of my friends asked me if I rated ClassPass, I said a resounding yes.

    For me, it offers flexibility, adventures around London and a more rounded weekly fitness routine.

    You’re like a kid in a candy store

    From early morning classes at the notoriously inspiring 1Rebel where wakeup time for me is 5:15am to numerous barre classes across town (my favourites include Barrecore, BARREtoned, Xtend Barre and Barre at Triyoga), I work ClassPass into my week with meticulous precision.

    Yes, I have my favourites – in no particular order all of the above plus Edge Cycle, BOOM Cycle, Project Fit and Bootcamp Pilates – but as you can see that’s already 10 DIFFERENT STUDIOS.

    Then there are others that I have tried and really enjoyed too. METcore at Form Studio in Notting Hill was particularly interesting as it used a piece of kit called the MOTR which I’d never come across before. Boxing at Urban Kings was another challenging workout and something I found really difficult to master.

    By trying out new classes and working my body in different ways, I’m sure that it’s helping me overcome any weaknesses such as my dodgy ankle. When I went to see a physio to refer me privately for an MRI scan, she also suggested exercises for my ankle stability much of which is being covered off by my weekly ClassPass routine.

    Expensive? Yep, but it’s worth every penny

    Admittedly, ClassPass is relatively expensive. It’s around £79 per month but this gives you access to over 100 luxurious studios in London and outer London which can cost up to £28 for a single class.

    If you break it down, that’s approximately £20 per week. The more classes you do per week, the more value you get out of your membership. And say you go away for two weeks, you can freeze your membership for £19.

    The more you do, the more value you get out of the membership

    You are also limited to three visits to the same studio per monthly cycle. And by studio, I mean brand – I can visit Barrecore or Triyoga in various different locations up to three times per month. You have to spread your classes in your favourite locations out evenly.

    The early bird catches the worm

    In terms of booking, you have to be quick off the mark to ensure you reserve your space. Most studios offer a limited timetable to ClassPass members which means you personally have to shift your personal activity around. Get up earlier to make that class before 7am for example or stay later as the only classes available are in off-peak times.

    And there’s no leniency for no-shows (£15 per missed class). Again you need to think if that meeting at the end of the day will run over and whether you can get to a class on time. The cancellation policy is 12 hours. Late-cancellation of a class comes with a £12 fee.

    Just be flexible

    ClassPass works for me because I am prepared to travel all over London and go outside the parameters of my daily commute. I quite happily jump on my bike and whizz over to the City to do a class at Project Fit although it’s half an hour out of my way.

    So in brief what you need to consider when signing up to ClassPass is:

    • How many classes you will do per month?
    • The proximity of the classes
    • Whether you will be able to commit to using ClassPass more than once a week
    • Your ability to travel around London

    You can always sign up for a weekly trial (offer permitting) or try it for a month and cancel if it’s not for you. Unlike some gym memberships where you’ll tied in for a year, ClassPass offers flexibility to cancel if it’s not right.

    To find out more about ClassPass, go to classpass.com


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