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  • Why I’m running Vitality North London Half Marathon

    It’s been a long time since I ran a half marathon. Actually, that’s a lie. I decided to sign myself up for four laps around Victoria Park last weekend, otherwise known as the Victoria Park Half Marathon. Unbeknown to me until I looked at the email a few days before the race, autofill on my computer had decided to sign me up as my husband. Well done hubbie,  you managed to do 13.1 miles while sipping coffee and reading Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. He certainly rose to the challenge in more ways than one.

    Join Vitality North London Half

    Join Vitality North London Half

    My point is this. According to records, I haven’t run a half marathon race in a while so officially, the Vitality North London Half Marathon on 12 March 2017 will be my first ‘big’ challenge since my injury. I cannot wait to take it on for the following reasons.

    It’s North London

    And that’s where I live. We may have Hampstead Heath, Trent Park and Alexandra Palace but when it comes to races, we’re a bit barren. Most of the decent races in London are either South or East which means having to coax myself out of bed at some ridiculous hour to travel across London. This race starts not far from home. Hurrah! (It’s a selfish reason but justified I feel).

    The route

    When I first ran the North London Half, the route really wasn’t that inspiring. Essentially, it was residential streets and a few hills. In fact, all that I remember about it was at some point passing the RAF museum and thinking we must take my dad there one day. It was pretty much forgettable. The route this year looks way more interesting. Granted, there are some residential bits but we also get ro run through the rolling fields of Fryent Country Park and not one, but two stadiums. There are a few hills but it’s a mostly flat undulating course that will help you see a different side of London. The organisers have obviously gone to a lot of effort to make the route a better experience for participants.

    The finish

    And where better to end the Vitality North London Half Marathon, than the iconic Wembley Stadium? Yes, I’ve run through there before and once even competed in a Nike event there years ago but I always enjoy the atmosphere of this amazing sporting venue. Come on, a stadium finish is always impressive.

    Join me?

    Why not take on the challenge yourself and join me at the North London Half? It’s the perfect warm up if you have a spring marathon on the horizon and not too far from home. You haven’t got long. Entries close tomorrow (20 February 2017) at midnight. Become part of the #NLSquad and join us up North. It’s fun, I promise.

    Go to the Vitality North London Half Marathon website to find out more at www.northlondonhalf.com



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