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  • Why London Never Stops Thanks To The North Face

    In just over a week’s time, a community known affectionately along its fans as #neverstoplondon will be celebrating its first birthday. And what a year it has been. What started out as a few folk getting together to strengthen their cores and tighten up their bodies in preparation for the mountains has become a weekly ritual for a growing number of fans in London. Here’s why London Never Stops thanks to the North Face:

    1. Weekly Mountain Training Sessions
      Never Stop London

      Dirt? What dirt?

      Every Tuesday, a community of trail runner, climbers, hikers and people who just want to work out effectively in a fun and friendly atmosphere at The North Face store, Regent’s Street, London. We run down in groups to Green Park, where we work every part of our bodies. Forget simple press-ups and lunges, the team consisting of John, Matt, Ed and Flo, challenge us through dynamic exercises such as pull-ups, sprints, burpees and pendulum lunges. You have to be ready to get dirty as you will find yourself rolling on the floor to stretch out your glutes. And no matter how exhausted you feel beforehand, you’ll always finish feeling upbeat and satisfied that you’ve worked out and hung out with a like-minded bunch of people who live and work in the capital.

    2. Weekend Trail Runs
      Hitting the trails

      Hitting the trails

      Not satisfied with just providing weekly sessions, the #neverstoplondon guys also offer the chance to escape London and run around in the mud at the weekend. All you need to do is sign up, turn up in appropriate gear at the designated starting point and time, and then you’ll be transported by coach to the countryside. Be prepared to get dirty, wet or both (after all, it is the countryside). You don’t have to be fast, just be able to run the distance stated on the event page. They also sometimes host hikes which can be similarly rewarding.

    3. Climbing classes
      Climbing high

      Climbing high

      As well as escaping the city, Never Stop London also makes the most of the facilities on offer. They have run several different climbing workshops. Aimed at all different levels, these climbing workshop offers the opportunity to try out something new and get to grips with the wall and all the equipment necessary to ensure you have the best experience.

    4. Talks, workshops and films
      North Face films

      North Face films

      Not satisfied with just offering physical experiences, Never Stop London run workshops, talks by the North Face athletes and also host screenings of some epic adventures. And in true North Face style, these film screenings are often outdoors, on a rooftop in London, and you are handed a North Face bubble jacket to help you brave the elements. As for the workshops, these can be anything from nutrition to survival. For someone who dreams of adventures or believes they could give the Channel 4 “Hunted” programme a good shot, these informative evenings are pretty damn interesting.

    5. Mountain Festival
      Simply mix up the above, add a scenic campsite in Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland, throw in extreme activities such as Paragliding and Ice walking, sprinkle on evening entertainment and you’ve baked up a mighty fine Mountain Festival. More of this please.
    6. The community
      The community

      The community

      As with any group or society, what really makes Never Stop London such a success is the growing community. Week in, week out, you meet familiar and new faces all with the same or similar interests. All of us enjoy being outdoors and immersing ourselves in adventure. What’s more, we never want to stop exploring. Never Stop London has not only acted as the impetus to allow us to do so, but it has also brought us together. Happy Birthday Never Stop London – here’s to another year of exploration.

    To find out more about Never Stop London and join this growing community, please go to www.facebook.com/neverstoplondon

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