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  • Wrestling like a pro at Gymbox


    The Wrestlers show us how it’s done (c) Vesna Nikolic 

    Why run when you can wrestle? I’m joking of course but it is a bloody good workout. Gymbox invited a few bloggers along to find out what their Show Wrestling class is all about.

    Move over Hulk Hogan

    Before Freeview Saturday night telly was all about Knight Rider, Blind Date, Gladiators and show wrestling. Muscular men in unitards choreographing a show of strength, athleticism and skill. For my big bro and myself, it was pretty much standard to recreate the scene in our lounge. And of course the entrance to the ring would not be the same without some banging tunes.

    Gymbox recreated that excitement in their Covent Garden studios as four mean-looking wrestlers from Progress Wrestling took to the ring and showed what they could do.

    It was loud, it was full of drama and it looked ruddy scary to me – the runner, with about as much upper body strength as a gnat. Nevertheless, I was well up for learning some moves to turn me from weedy to warrior.

    Key moves and the grr factor

    The class began with a ‘warm-up’ of squats and 50 crunches (yes, hello tummy muscles the next morning). We then proceeded to learn some key ways to challenge our opponent. Chin lock? Check. Arm lock? Check. Head lock? Check. We took it in turns to try and master some of these moves and I say try because pro show wrestling is a skill.

    In my opinion, it’s similar to learning how to dance as in you work on the basic steps then you put it all together. You have to concentrate on the choreography to make sure you have the right arm movements in place and not to injure your opponent. But once you get a few moves, you soon find out why these guys are really into it – it’s a great way to release any pent up aggression while working on your strength.

    The class ended with a one-on-one challenge where you had to knock your opponent out of a plank position. Again, a great challenge and test of body agility and strength (as well as good fun).

    Showing off our best wrestling personas. Grrr.

    Showing off our best wrestling personas. Grrr.


    While I’m not going to swap my trainers for a unitard, I really enjoyed this session and can see how it combines fun with fitness. You can de-stress and have a laugh with your mates (and be entertained by the guys from Progress Wrestling too). As well as a weekly class, I can see how this would be an ideal activity for a birthday bash or a hen do.

    Find out more about Show Wrestling at Gymbox

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