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  • Yoga in the clouds (London Eye with Lift London and Bodyism)

    'Lift London' experience

    ‘Lift London’ experience

    So what were your New Year’s Resolutions (if you can still remember them)? Now I’m not cynic and like most people see the New Year as a way to reassess where I’m going, what I’m doing and where I want to be. When the clock struck midnight, I kind of promised myself that I would try and incorporate more of an equilibrium within my running routine. And while I haven’t been able to take on the #21daysofyoga challenge as set-up by my wonderful friend Charlie from TheRunnerBeans, I’ve signed up for the Swimathon and participated in non-running activities, including this weekend’s ultimate experience: Yoga on The London Eye with Lift London and Bodyism.

    What was Saturday’s experience all about?

    According to The London Eye’s website, ‘Lift London offered Londoners the chance to blow the blues away with some PMA’ (that’s positive mental attitude). To be honest, January has been quite kind to me so far, so I’m almost bursting at the seams with positivity. What really attracted me to the yoga class was the fact that it was a chance to throw some (badly balanced) yoga shapes on the London Eye. In all my years of living in London (let’s say eight), I have also never been on the London Eye. It seemed to tick the boxes of being more adventurous and trying something something new in 2014. Plus it was also the price of a standard ticket (£17.96 when booked online), so why the hell not?

    Yoga in a pod?

    Yoga in a pod?

    Pre-lift off
    Luckily for me, I arrived early enough to get into the first yoga session of the day. I then noticed the lovely bunch from FoodandLycra and Lunges&Lycra (where I found out about the event) and Lululemon and waited for a while before we could enter the pod. What would it be like? Would I be able to balance as we reached the spectacular heights of the London Eye? We were all handed yoga mats and trundled down to the entry, where we were swiftly taken to the front of the queue. I may have been in my lycra but at least I didn’t have to wait around in cold.

    During flight

    Admittedly, it was a bit of a squash in the pod, with little room for anything else than the several yoga mats laid out on the floor. But all in all, the flight was pretty smooth. And once in the zone and listening to the wise words of Danai Kougiouli from Bodyism, I did feel reinvigorated. There were some hilarious moments, especially when we were at the same height as another pod and all the onlookers seemed to be looking quizzically at us as we performed everything from the Warrior to Downward Dog. I also loved being able to gaze over London and let my mind focus on certain spots. If you haven’t already been on The London Eye, it’s definitely one for your London Bucket List.  And as for the yoga, it was pretty awesome.

    Danai Kougliani from Bodyism shows us how it's done

    Danai Kougliani from Bodyism shows us how it’s done

    Especially when I think of what I took away the experience; the idea that you can physically and mentally see things from a different perspective by practicing yoga. It seemed pretty obvious when I was twisting myself into a yoga position and taking in a different London vista. Perhaps it’s time to explore the many possibilities out there so that 2014 will be the best year yet.

    What do you think? What changes are you making to your life in 2014, if any?

    That's me, smiling

    That’s me, smiling

    By the way, Friday (24 January 2014) is National Compliment Day. And while it may be just another “made-up” day by the marketing team at Dove to get us to buy more of their products (which I think are pretty good, see my review here), the stats behind us Brits (as in ladies) receiving compliments is slightly alarming. Apparently, some 40 percent of us feel embarrassed when someone says something nice about us to our faces. What’s more, one in five women in the UK can’t remember the last time they received a compliment. Pretty shocking, huh? Well, I will definitely be sharing the love around come Friday #MyBeautifulSelf as I know so many women who are empowered, beautiful and deserve to be shouted about.

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